Threat of Fake Perfume

Apple ‘fake factory’ raided in China Whilst this article specifically relates to Apple, the threat of intellectual property theft remains a valid one for Scent.  I’m sure you all will have seen fake fragrances being offered either in the UK or abroad where intellectual property rights may not be recognised.  Consider the impact this could […]

Rise of Budget Stores

B&M Value Retail sales growth slows in UK B&M Value offer branded products at prices significantly below the prices charged by supermarkets. Mainly due to purchasing production over-runs and a completely different fixed cost structure.  However consider how supermarkets such as Merchants are fighting back. Increasing their own-branded product range, by requiring their suppliers to […]

Living Wage – UK Aim

Supermarket workers have to claim £11bn benefits, charity says The UK government recently announced plans to scrap minimum wage and instead offer the “living wage”, whereby employees would be paid a wage relative to the cost of living.  Whilst the supermarkets have to pay minimum wage, this article highlights that a number of employees still […]

Supermarket Price Wars

Supermarket price war ‘hitting food supply firms’ Consider the ethical implications of supermarkets increasing pressure on their suppliers to reduce prices, the potential impact of suppliers entering administration or liquidation as a result.  This could link Porters Five Forces from E1 with Pricing Strategies and short term decision making from P1 and potentially the financial […]

Small Business Commissioner to tackle late payments

Small business commissioner to tackle late payments Small business commissioner to target late payments An interesting point to consider for any exam, in that regulation imposed by the UK Government within the Enterprise Bill to create the Small Business Commissioner to tackle the estimated £26bn of late payments.  Supermarkets are renowned for using […]

Charging for carrier bags

Should shoppers in England pay for plastic bags? Environmental and ethical issues arising from the sheer volume of carrier bags given away are a likely to appear within your exam.  Scotland and Wales have already started charging customers for carrier bags, most supermarkets offer “bags for life” and offer reward points for reusing carrier […]

“I hesitate to say this, but I actually quite enjoyed the format of this exam!” – by a February 2015 Operational Case Study Prizewinner

“I hesitate to say this, but I actually quite enjoyed the format of this exam!” – by a February 2015 Operational Case Study Prizewinner—by-a-february-2015-operational-case-study-prizewinner/Richard Feedback from another Global Prizewinner, Richard, on his success in February 2015. His comments on application certainly ring true following the examiner’s report stating that students who failed, generally produced […]

Have a clear study plan and study frequently in order to build up knowledge and skills

Evelina, Global Prize Winner for Operational Integrated Case Study in February 2015, has shared her thoughts on the exam. You can view the whole article here: –—by-a-february-2015-operational-level-case-study-prizewinner/Evelina Her biggest challenge and how she overcome it certainly provides food for thought for others who have either passed a E1, F1 or P1 under the 2010 […]