Merchants – Ops Case – August 2015

Here’s a link to the CIMA Operational Integrated Case Study pre-seen material for August 2015 exams.

As part of your exam preparations, you should review the materials in detail as all tasks will be set within the context that you are an employee working for Merchants.

Merchants operate as a supermarket within Pictland, who have a 24% market share. In order to help you as part of your exam preparation, I recommend you associate this with the supermarkets that you already know such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons. By being able to draw from your own general business and commercial knowledge will help understand the context that Merchants operations and enable you to prepare more meaningful answers that demonstrate the competencies of business acumen and people skills required to pass your exam.

I will be posting relevant articles from a range of different sources along with sharing my thoughts on how they could appear in your exam.

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