2015.03-Mgr ICS-Examiner’s Report

The inaugural Managerial ICS Examiner’s Report confirmed that five variants of each exam were written, however due to low student numbers sitting the exam, only two variants were released to students.

It is concerning to read that candidates were not well prepared for the exam and did not seem to know much about the industry or case study in order to set their answers within the context of the pre-seen information that was available for SEVEN weeks prior to the exam. NO EXCUSES!

DO NOT try and sit your exam without ensuring you are familiar with the pre-seen for your exam.

All in all, a very disappointing show where students have failed to prepare accordingly for a fundamental change in style of exam, requiring a completely different set of skills and approach.

Page 12 does highlight a number of tips for future candidates, which I suggest all future candidates read and reflect on.