2015.05-Ops ICS-Examiner’s Report

Here’s the Examiner’s Report from the May 2015 Managerial Case Study sitting.

As candidate numbers increased this sitting, CIMA deployed all five variants of the exam and reported that some candidates produced excellent answers, some poor or partially complete. Most candidates produced mid-range answers.

Despite the introduction of forced time management, CIMA reported most candidates were well prepared deal with it and there was little evidence of time pressure and that incomplete answers were as a result of knowledge gaps rather than time pressure itself.

Tips for future candidatesĀ (page 12) again highlight that a lack of application to the scenario and that rote learned answers will score very little marks, always consider how the point you make in your answer relates to the pre-seen/task information in order for it to add value.

Although the MD/FD may suggest a model or theory to apply, don’t be afraid of nailing your colours to the mast and giving clear advice as to why their suggestion may be suitable or not within the context of your task.

E1, F1 and P1 syllabi are examinable in full, ensure that you address any knowledge gaps, especially if you passed one of the modules prior to January 2010 or have an exemption from another qualification. 64% of the marks come from technical knowledge, so

Finally, focus on getting to grips with the scenario and pre-seen, Merchants! See my other post with a suggestion of how to get up to speed with the pre-seen.