Tax sugary drinks by 20%, say doctors

Having just read this article on the train to work this morning, I do think some health related ethical issue could crop up within your exam. 

Consider the impact this tax could have on revenues and sales in total for Merchants, whilst customers have no option other than to pay the tax, what will this mean in real terms to Merchants?

As consumers demand low prices, will Merchants be forced to maintain the same selling prices and have their margins eroded? Will that mean the end of BOGOF offers and the like that boost revenues and volumes? I I’ll this also impact on lunch time meal deals that will make up a significant proportion of revenues in the smaller convenience stores that Merchants are moving towards? Or is all of this wishful thinking from the doctors?

Either way, ethical issues will crop up in your exam and your success will depend on your ability to deal with the issues within the context of Merchants. 

Please do share your views.