Here’s a blog with some tips from Josh who won a prize in the March 2015 Managerial Case. 

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Some of the headlines include

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was incorporating the newest changes of the syllabus parts into the case study context. For example the new topic of WACC in P2. 

I did a lot of research and used some helpful and actually quite interesting articles on CIMAconnect which explained about the issues and helped with terminology that was present in the case study pre-seen for my exam sitting.

What is your winning formula?

I wish I had one! I just studied hard and answered as competently as possible, as I would as if I was at work, and it seemed to work well for me in the exam.

Can you offer some advice to other students?

My advice to others would be not to get so bogged down in the technical aspects of the pillar papers as they have already been assessed but to see how those principles fit into the case study for that specific exam. Try to have a look at real life examples of that industry too as the pre-seen can often emulate real life businesses.—by-a-march-2015-management-level-case-study-prizewinner/Josh