I found this article online that highlights the environmental impact of products manufactured by companies such as Scent.

In an earlier blog I highlighted the potential issue of animal testing, however that fails to address the unintentional or invisible impact of using everyday products such as washing up liquid, bleach, shampoo et al can have on marine life.

Until I spent a week travelling around the Norfolk Broads, I hadn’t put a second thought into what happens to the water that does down the plug hole when in the shower, after washing the dishes or cleaning. Both the shower and sink on the boat I travelled around the Norfolk Broads on emptied directly into the broads and in order to protect the marine life, there was a restriction on the types of soap you could use.

Ecover were the most prominent of all brands that could be used whilst travelling on the broads, they are also an excellent example of an ethical company whose sole mission is to make cleaning products without the nasty chemicals that will ultimately end back up in watercourses, rivers and oceans.

It is worth considering how this could appear within your exam. My thoughts include the ethical issues of water used in the manufacturing process, disposal of the by-products of manufacturing and potential scrap along with possible environmental incidents from leaks and spills entering watercourses.