Parents ‘should brush children’s teeth’ – Royal College of Surgeons

I know I posted a similar article yesterday and this issue may be sensationalised by the media, however the issue still remains.

Consider the sugar content within the food and drinks you consume, you don’t have to be a dietician to realise that some foods and drinks are excessively sugary. I’m relatively particular about what I eat,  I can and do feel the impact of sugary food on my body.

As a society, people across the UK are more health conscious, with that trend set to increase.  What impact could this have on future revenues? Brand perception? Could this create a new niche product range that Merchants use to gain competitive advantage within a segment of the retailing market?       I hadn’t finished typing my post before I got off the train to work, so thought I’d add a couple of pictures to show how the healthy options may not be as healthy as people think.