Electricity blackouts risk up, says National Gridhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33527967

I’m always sceptical of the potential sensationalisation of issues that are reported in the media. 

That said, there is still an underlying issue here. Is the UK able to produce sufficient electricity from current sources?

Failure to do so could mean blackouts across the UK this winter.

Blackouts would mean that Merchants may not be able to store perishable produce at the correct temperature, resulting inventory impairments or even open stores affected by power cuts as the EFTPOS systems are unavailable. 

Scent’s production lines would grind to a halt pending, websites disappear and lines of communication fail. 

Whilst I have sensationalised the story, I have done so to explore the impact that such blackouts could have on Merchants and Scent for exam.