“I hesitate to say this, but I actually quite enjoyed the format of this exam!” – by a February 2015 Operational Case Study Prizewinner


Feedback from another Global Prizewinner, Richard, on his success in February 2015.

His comments on application certainly ring true following the examiner’s report stating that students who failed, generally produced textbook answers and lacked any application to the pre-seen.

How did the case study exam compare to what you had expected? 
In general, it was in line with my expectations. The exam wasn’t just asking me to repeat definitions and facts that I had memorised, which is a structure used by many exams. It was more about testing that I really understood the context behind different parts of the syllabus, and that I was able to communicate these concepts clearly and concisely. I hesitate to say this, but I actually quite enjoyed the format of this exam!

The main thing that surprised me in the exam was how I was expecting the questions to relate more closely to the pre-seen material. Most of the questions were quite general and could be applied to any company. The challenge was then working out how this should be applied in the context of the bottled water company that we were looking at.

I recommend reading Richard’s complete blog post and reflect on his tips for success.