Tomorrow’s buildings: App-controlled ‘day at the office’​

As the proliferation of technology into our lives continues at an even greater pace than before added with CIMA’s recent addition of Big Data to the syllabus, there are a number of ways this could crop up in the unseen requirements of your exam. 

An IC Optical app that allows patients to find an optician, book and amend appointments and to receive reminders of up coming appointments/special offers. 

The app could also be used to manage customer records within IC Optical, for opticians to enter test results and produce prescriptions if required. 

P2 – consider the investment decision to implement a new IT/IS system or CRM tool could be something you’re asked to consider. Think of the benefits, customers using GPS to identify their nearest optician and being able to book and amend an appointment using their app or receive reminders of up and coming appointments. 

E2 – business benefits for IC Optical having an app, however consider the problems of an ageing population and their potential resistance to using smartphones. Consider data protection issues too. 

F2 – consider the impact on WACC when obtaining new sources of finance to fund such systems.