2015.08-Mgr ICS-Examiner’s Report

I always find the Examiner’s Report an interesting read, students producing excellent answers are those who have immersed themselves within the spirit of the case study exam and have a broad understanding of the industry, are able to correctly identify the requirements and tailor their response to the scenario.

Poor candidates were those producing short answers, identified as having little knowledge of the industry or pre-seen information, those who did not read the task correctly or failed to correctly identify the requirement.

Candidates are to role play within the case study exam, production of an essay based evaluation of the theoretical issues underlying an issue will not attract marks when candidates have been asked for a response to a specific issue within the scenario.

To set the scene – roleplay in the examination environment as an assessment method, requires candidates to demonstrate higher level skills that are required of managers within an organisation. Assume you are writing to your boss in response to the task set, how would then consider the response you have provided? It is certainly worth considering asking for advice from your managers as to how they approach tasks set from directors. Any tools or techniques they use, such as filtering or speed reading will help with your approach to the examination too.

Key tips for future candidates are: –

  • Assume the role you have been assigned within the pre-seen information,
  • Develop a broad understanding of the industry,
  • Review the news to identify topical issues and how such issues could manifest within the unseen information,
  • Rehearse using the practice tasks, achievement ladder steps and past exam questions,
  • Refine your exam approach, using the TIPS approach (time management, identify the requirement, planning and speaking to the audience),
  • Utilise the self and peer review process to identify your strengths and weaknesses, to focus your revision prior to the exam.

Remember, the aim of the case study examination is to develop the skills and competencies required of Management Accountants as future business leaders.