2015.11-Mgr ICS-Examiner’s Report

The Examiner’s Report highlights a vast variation and range in candidate responses to the Managerial Case Study Exam in November, whilst quick to praise those who had clearly prepared well, made good use of the pre-seen information and were technically competent, the Examiner’s Report also criticises those who had rote learned topics and crammed them into their answer, a point that links to the criticism of those who failed to correctly identify the requirements and provided little evidence of their knowledge or lacked the application of knowledge to the scenario and tasks.

To be absolutely clear – CIMA are committed to the development of Management Accountants and their role as Business Leaders! Within the case study exam, you are required to demonstrate technical competence across all three pillars (Enterprise, Financial and Performance). This isn’t meant to be an easy task and therefore you should invest time into preparing for the exam and reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses in performance as demonstrated predecessors.

Comments include a perpetual frustration that despite the pre-seen information being made available to candidates twelve weeks prior to the exam, compounded by a lack of understanding of the industry. This demonstrates a lack of preparation and quite rightly, candidates who fail to prepare, deserve to fail.

The Report is incredibly detailed and provides future candidates with a breakdown by variant and task of the syllabus learning outcomes and competencies. As part of your exam preparation, use the report as a matrix of topics to include as part of your revision, focussing on your knowledge of the topic and how you could apply the knowledge to IC Optical.

Page 17 provides tips for future candidates, to summarise, future candidates should: –

  • Become familiar with the pre-seen material,
  • Develop a broad understanding of the industry,
  • Refine techniques of interpreting requirements to ensure your response is tailored to the requirement,
  • Focus on the application of knowledge to a scenario and specific task,
  • Practice answering questions to the time allocated.