For each of the quarterly sittings, the CIMA Examiners prepare five variants of the Mgr ICS exam. As part of your exam preparation, you should review the tasks, model answers, exam marking guide and examiner’s reports from previous sittings.

Within this and previous blog posts, I have shared past tasks, model answers, exam marking guides and examiner reports. In addition to this, I have shared my thoughts on how students can use the lessons identified to shape their revision and help them to prepare for success.

When reviewing past exams, DO NOT consider the specifics of the scenario/pre-seen information within the case study at all! Instead, use each tasks to review your approach to identifying the requirements within the task, ensure you have the technical knowledge required to respond accordingly to each task or address your own knowledge gaps. In addition to this, you should also be mindful of the areas that the Examiners Report identifies students struggled with.

Whilst undertaking your own review, identify if any of the technical knowledge required in each task may be relevant to your case study scenario, thus developing your application skill to the scenario and tailoring your answer and improve your marks overall. The current focus is to pass the case study exam, however the skills are essential for management accountants and managers within the workplace.

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 1-Exam Answer

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 1-Marking Guide

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 1-Tasks

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 2-Exam Answer

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 2-Marking Guide

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 2-Tasks

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 3-Exam Answer

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 3-Marking Guide

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 3-Tasks

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 4-Exam Answer

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 4-Marking Guide

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 4-Tasks

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 5-Exam Answer

2015.11-Mgr ICS-Variant 5-Marking Guide

2015.11-Ops ICS-Variant 5-Tasks