Fantastic CIMA Pass Rates

CIMA have shared the 2016 pass rates for OT exams and the November Case Study exams, a rather impressive set of results highlighting how prepared students are for their exams.

Well done to students for their hard work and dedication to a challenging professional qualification and bravo to faculty members alike for supporting students towards success!

The blog post reads:

Check out our great pass rates!
By Jackie Durham

Administrator, Editor, Moderator, Staff

19th January 2017

Pass rates for both the Objective Tests and Case Study exams continue to rise. For the November case study, pass rates were: Operational 67%; Management 71% and Strategic 65% . 

We have seen positive pass rates in the OTs across the majority of subjects. The even better news is that pass rates are continuing to rise, particularly across the Management and Strategic level subjects.  

Strong pass rates and the flexibility of the our syllabus and assessments mean students are able to progress much more quickly and achieve the career success they deserve. 

Here are a few highlights:

The subject the highest first time pass rate is E2 at 86% followed by F1 with 77%. 

OT overall pass rates for 2016/ First time pass rates for 2016: 

E1 87% / 77%
P1 68% / 48%

F1 83% / 72%

E2 93% / 86%

P2 72% / 51%

F2 76% / 51%

E3 81% / 65%

P3 77% / 55%

F3 78% / 55%

To view the original article, visit CIMA Pass Rates

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