This may sting: Google’s new patent describes a smart lens injected right into your eyeball

Wow! I don’t know about you. but I’m the guy who gets incredibly nervous when winter approaches because that can only mean one thing… The flu jab. At least with a flu jab I can look away, for some reason I don’t think there is much scope to look away when having one of these “smart lenses” injected into your eye.

Do you think IC Optical would go this far?

This may sting: Google's new patent describes a smart lens injected right into your eyeball

Google Smart Lens.PNG

Google may be developing smart contact lenses powered by the sun

Yet another article based on the future of smart contact lenses! It is no surprise that renewable energy is on the rise and with such widespread applications in other aspects of life, why not create a smart contact lens powered by the sun…

Google may be developing smart contact lenses powered by the sun

Sony developing smart contact lens that does more than let you see

Keeping with my recent theme of smart contact lenses, here’s another link to demonstrate that Sony are also interested in developing a smart contact lens. This must be a real option for the examiners to explore in your exam!

Sony developing smart contact lens that does more than let you see

Links to other related articles:

A Smart Contact Lens for Glaucoma Patients

Samsung’s ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses Could Give Us Superhuman Vision

Protos Eyewear & 3D Printing

Thank you to Charlotte for sharing this video with me, I do think 3D Printing is a real option for IC Optical to engage in R&D and potentially create competitive advantage by allowing customers to create bespoke glasses in store and leave with them the same day.

Always be prepared to comment on the financial and non-financial aspects of any investment decision.

Optimax Lens Surgery – Story of Eddie “The Eagle”

If you haven’t seen the film Eddie “The Eagle”, you should! I loved his sheer determination to succeed, despite all of the odds set against him.

Here’s a video from Eddie the Eagle explaining the difference surgery has made to his performance, 0:45 made me chuckle when he refers to travelling at 75mph on a jump without being able to see where he is going. 1:40 he also mentions how people recognised him for the strong prescription glasses he originally wore and his surprise that people still recognise him without glasses.

Consider the impact of lens surgery for IC Optical from across the E, F and P pillars.

SpecSavers Strategic Report

Here’s an extract from SpecSavers Strategic Report included within the Annual Report, which does provide an insight into the trading activities of SpecSavers during the year ended 28 February 2015.

Note the details surrounding high levels of competition and the focus on continuing to provide high quality and effective support to deliver continued success. This would suggest the importance of centralised services and transfer pricing between manufacturing sites and retail stores.

Review the economic and resourcing risks to consider if they are applicable to IC Optical.

SpecSavers Strategic Report.PNG

Vision Express Environmental Analysis

Vision Express - Environmental Analysis.PNG

Here’s an extract from Vision Express’ annual report focussing on the environmental analysis, which follows the principles of Porter’s 5 Forces analysis and could also incorporate PESTEL analysis within the exam tasks.

Issues include threat of new entrants such as Newspecs and Zimchem, both are competing for market share based on prices. How does this impact on IC Optical?

TQM in a Service Industry

Here’s an interesting video on how to implement TQM within a service industry, which follows a Plan, Do, Check and Act approach that you’ll be familiar with from the syllabus.

How do you think this could apply to IC Optical?

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