Healing Properties of Honey & International Expansion

Nicola Kelly (BBC News, 2016) reports that honey is perceived to have healing properties in African countries. Such suggestions may result in companies such as Mavis Venderby adopting strategies to expand overseas. Consider the various options of overseas expansion and the financial returns from such sales (including transactions in a foreign currency). The modern honey hunters of […]

Suggestions for Growth in the Beekeeping World

Some interesting background information on the nature of bee farming in the UK that may give rise to a rise in demand for bee hives. Thank you to the Telegraph for their article on the beekeeping industry.   ‘All the honey is gathered in about 10 weeks a year, when fine weather coincides with abundant […]

Royal beekeeper admits giving bees banned drug

BBC News reported a Royal Beekeeper pleaded guilty to administering a banned drug to honey bees. A first in the UK. Consider the implications of materials used in the manufacturing process that may have positive or negative impacts on bees, the importance of complying with regulatory requirements and the financial/strategic implications of non-compliance. Royal beekeeper […]

Honey Trivia

Thanks to the Honey Association for their Honey Trivia (click here for the original article). Honey Trivia DID YOU KNOW….. Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey. One bee would therefore have to fly around 90,000 miles – three times around the globe – to make one […]

Product Innovation – Flow Hive

I did promise that I would share my thoughts with you on what may appear across the five variants of the February 2017 CIMA Operational Case Study exams. Having spent some time scouring the internet and will start to share my resources with you. The Flow Hive “It’s the beekeepers dream, turn a tap right […]

Mavis Venderby – CIMA Operational Case Study Pre-seen Information for February 2017 exams

2017-02-ops-ics-pre-seen-information For all of those sitting the February 2017 Operational Case Study Exam, here’s a link to the pre-seen information that all five variants of the exam are based upon. You will need to become familiar with Mavis Venderby, for the purpose of the exam, you will bee (puntastic!) a Finance Officer within Mavis Venderby and be expected […]

Success in Operational Case Study Exams – Hints and Tips to Succeed!

CIMA have published a recording of their student webinar held on 18 Jan to highlight the approaches students should adopt to succeed in their Operational Case Study exam.  Student Webinar: Exam Success – February 2017 Operational Case Study (Speaker Sarah Wakefield, First Intuition). Recorded 18 Jan 17.https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3869543537299740674 For more resources visit connect.cimaglobal.com

Past Exam Tasks – Ops ICS – November 2016

The CIMA Examiner will prepare five variants of the Ops ICS exam for each quarterly sitting, I recommend that as part of your exam preparation, you review the documentation from the November 2016 sitting. DO NOT consider the Marici Power case at all! Use each task to review your approach to identifying the requirements within the […]

“This new type of exam is very much focused on real life examples” – by a March 2015 Strategic level Case Study Prizewinner

As part of CIMAs Success Stories, Stylianos has shared his thoughts on how to pass a case study exam! The original article can be found here. “This new type of exam is very much focused on real life examples” – by a March 2015 Strategic level Case Study Prizewinner By Stylianos Member 4th June 2015 […]

Case Study Scaled Scores Explained

Here’s a short video produced by CIMA to explain the process of standardising marks across all five variants of the case study exam to ensure a balanced assessment of student performance is made.  There’s a link in the video to further information published on CIMA’s website too.